Who We Are

The Wi2 Co-Lab is a mother-daughter owned business.  We have been doing business together for 8+ years and together have more than 25 years of business experience in a variety of businesses and in a variety of industries. We have combined the energy and expertise of a Baby Boomer/Xer with the energy and expertise of a Millennial to bring customized, collaborative, and innovative solutions to our clients. 


We leverage our network of experts to assist us with our client’s needs, which allows us to customize each client’s experience to match their needs, their culture and their future growth goals. Our passion stems from our love of helping people be the best they can be, in the space they have chosen, with a focus on their desires to change their future. 

The Purpose of the Co-Lab

Our purpose is to bring a variety of resources, expertise and connections to start-up and existing businesses. Our Co-Lab provides space for creative and innovative thinking. It brings science, research, resources, experience and expertise to businesses, owners, leaders, high potentials, staff and students.  Our team customizes each experience so that we honor our client’s past traditions, present conditions and needs, and respect future plans, strategies, and visions.

Our Co-Lab brings like-minded businesses and business-minded leaders together to build business solutions and capabilities that will revolutionize the way business is conducted today and in the future. We also offer our time to train and develop future Industrial Psychologists, HR Professionals and business consultants to lead and support organizational initiatives.

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