• Dr. Lori Wieters

Are You Ready for a Dissertation Coach?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

When I Googled ‘Dissertation Coach’, Google returned over nine million results. The question becomes, how do I pick a dissertation coach? I believe the bigger question is, ‘am I ready for a dissertation coach?’ In my experience, dissertation learners seek out dissertation coaches when they are frustrated with their chair and/or the university they are working with. Broken dissertation processes or lack of chair engagement, that are inherent in many doctoral university programs, leave the door open for dissertation coaches. It is possible to spend between $1,000 to $10,000 on a dissertation coach and never really make any progress. This is generally money that is over and above the money you are paying the university. How do you ensure that you are getting what you are paying for?

Our team, at the Wi2 Co-Lab, has looked at hundreds of dissertation projects where the dissertation learner is not ready for a coach. This causes Chairs to tell the dissertation learner they cannot write or that they are not ready for review. I saw feedback from one chair from a school in the Midwest that said, “This is not right, try again.” The dissertation learner waited 30-days for this feedback. Where do you start with that kind of feedback? Instead of getting frustrated, I worked with the learner to help him understand his readiness to move forward in the dissertation process. We aligned his work, I taught him to write a scholarly paragraph, he found literature that formed his need for the study (gap), and I drew a picture of his study. Through the readiness process, he was able to gain clarity and understanding of the dissertation process. He looked back at the work he turned into his chair and was embarrassed. He rewrote his document, turned it in, and the chair was amazed at the focused effort.

This story demonstrates the power of a readiness assessment before engaging a coach or when you are frustrated with your chair. The Wi2 Co-Lab team will not assign you to a coach until you make a small investment in a readiness assessment. We do not want you spending money for a coach without having clarity around your project. Our dissertation experts are dedicated to helping you through the dissertation readiness process. The readiness process will also help you understand the role of the chair, coach, and editors. If you need our help, we are here for you. Go to the www.wi2colab.com, click on Our Collaboratives and then Dissertation Collaborative.

Our best to you on your dissertation journey,

Dr. Lori Wieters

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