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Are you an AUTHENTIC leader? Consider these 12 questions...

Prepared by Dr. Mark Stone. . . a collaborative partner with the Wi2CoLab Team, and certified Predictive Index Analyst with Humanlytics Team, LLC, (www.humanlytics.com).

What is an Authentic Leader?

An authentic leader makes responsible choices that show emotional control, a sophisticated worldview, and a deliberate consciousness of past experiences (George, 2003). Such a leader shows an ability to display authenticity and build it in others to support the achievement of organizational and staff member's objectives and goals (Campos & Rueda, 2019). Leading and managing while showing a genuine nature has become increasingly popular with it connected to positive outcomes including follower job satisfaction, increased commitment, optimism, and behavioral alignment.

Authentic and Authenticity have become buzzwords in 2021 and are regularly associated with a variety of workplace challenges and potential leadership responses. I would encourage anyone with mentorship responsibility to consider the questions below concerning your authentic leadership proficiency and its four second-order components.

12 Questions to Consider concerning your Leadership Style

1) Self-Awareness

  1. Are you open and candid?

  2. Do you make decisions with clear reasoning?

  3. Do you consider your values as they relate to the collective betterment of your team?

2) Balanced Processing

  1. Are you intentional and consistent?

  2. Do you display low levels of ego-centric behavior?

  3. Can you objectively analyze your own and staff's actions while knowing you might be biased or have capability limitations?

3) Internalized Moral Perspective

  1. Do you regularly make ethical and transparent choices?

  2. Do others see you as having high moral character?

  3. Do you make decisions according to personal beliefs, for boldness, resiliency, and sustainability, during times of duress?

4) Relational Transparency

  1. Do you present an authentic self?

  2. Do your team trust you because you are open about your positions and values?

  3. Do you prioritize serving your company and others even if, occasionally, it might go against self-interest?

So, how did you do? Were some questions easier to say yes to than others?

Steps to Improve

It follows that the quest to be an effective leader will likely require regular personal reflection. Being 'generally content' might go against the broader philosophy concerning authentic leadership. Mentors and leaders should consider themselves to be on a journey, always working to be better supporters, coaches, advocates, or trainers. Others will probably sense where a leader is striving to do all they can to be effective.

I would recommend that you spend some time thinking about your responses to the above questions and then consider these factors:

  • What drives you as an individual?

  • What are your non-negotiable behaviors and expectations of others?

  • How do others see you? Is what others see a fair and true reflection?

  • What goals do you have concerning your future leadership responsibilities?

Good luck in showing authenticity to those you serve!

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Published June 18, 2021 Wi 2 Co-Lab Team Member and Founder/Owner of Stone Consulting LLC

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