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Leadership Collaborative

Dr. Lori Wieters leads our leadership collaborative, which offers a variety of leadership development services. We work from the ‘ripple effect’ premise. In essence, when you drop a rock in a pond, it causes a ripple. We use that as a metaphor for understanding self, understanding self with others, understanding self in the context of the work you are doing, and understanding self within the world. You, as the leader, are the center of the ripple effect. If you do not understand yourself, then the rest of the ripple doesn’t work. Therefore, we work with leaders and leadership teams to enhance their effectiveness related to the work they are doing. We have an innovative approach to executive and leadership development.

From executive coaching to individual, peer and group learning, we build a customized program that aligns to the client’s strategic plan and/or future focus. Our goal is to be our client’s strategic partner. We dig in and learn a ton about our client’s needs and then provide services and resources that meet their specific needs.

If you would like to explore how we can assist you, please click on the link below, complete the boxes and submit. We will gladly respond. We look forward to assisting you with your inquiry.