Our domain expert in Emerging Adulthood Theory, Dr. Mark Stone offers assessments, planning, consultation, and coaching, to support individuals aged 16-to-23 years old in preparing for effective performance in early-stage careers.

The ELC also supports leaders aycompanies to strategically plan to integrate and engage with young workers, ensuring individuals are hired and supported concerning the alignment of values and identity development.


Results include increased organizational commitment, reduced turnover intention, and stronger mentoring by senior leaders. Such gains can be significant with the average cost of turnover $27,000 per employee (Waite et al., 2014) with individuals in this demographic often reporting a high desire to move to a new job role within 18 months from initial hire.

We partner with individuals, teams, and leaders to maximize young worker potential through what can be a period of excitement and optimism. We believe our work can increase ambition and brilliance in the world.

Dr. Stone holds a doctoral degree in organizational development and leadership, with domain expertise in authentic leadership, organizational commitment, turnover intention, and emerging adulthood theory. Dr. Stone is also a certified PI Analyst.  


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