What is BrainyAct?

BrainyAct Natural Abilities Assessment identifies a child’s natural way of solving problems, communicating, and learning most effectively. It’s a scientifically validated hands-on assessment for verbal and nonverbal children age 3+.

BrainyAct was developed by an expert on human instincts, Kathy Kolbe. It incorporates her more than 40 years of rigorous brain research on what factors enable and hinder peak performance.

Most children’s individual needs aren’t met by the education system. Each BrainyAct assessment result includes printable reports dozens of Tips and Tricks – proven to work for reducing stress and overcoming frustrating obstacles at home and in school.

How does it work?

During BrainyAct assessments, kids are given the freedom to take action in their own way – free of learned behavior, preferences, and beliefs. By acting purely on creative instincts, the child reveals an ingrained pattern of doing things – their Natural Abilities.

Assessments are given by our certified BrainyAct Provider, Dr. Lindsay Perez. An unopened bag of materials will be given to your child (pictured here) and they will be asked to create a work of art with the supplies given. A typical session lasts about 8-12 minutes and is recorded and sent to Dynamynd, Inc. to generate the comprehensive report. Sessions may be held in person or via zoom.

Once you receive your results, Dr. Lindsay Perez will schedule a time to review them with you and ensure all your questions are answered.

For more infrmaiton, please visit: https://perezioconsulting.com/brainyact


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