"I'm so thankful we did the BrainyAct assessment for my daughter. It gave me great insight into how to help her feel more confident and more successful. The personalized tips and tricks make it simple to understand and are easy for us to implement. I plan on printing the report out for her teacher this year!" 

- Shayla VanHofwegen, Parent

“The BrainyAct has been a great tool to have a s a parent. It helped me better understand why my boys react the way they do, and what I can do to support their conative strengths. Some things I learned include that both of my boys lead with a need for information. They enjoy open-ended exploration and need an opportunity to try things for themselves. They also both need movement and hands-on opportunities to fix, repair, and deconstruct in order to find solutions that are productive. However, they differ in their need for structure and routine. My youngest has a natural tendency to move from one task to another without a need for completion. I needed to simplify processes for him (like cleaning up) and not have too many rules on how he completes a task – just that it needs to be done. My older son needs more organization and is pretty systematic. He follows procedures and sticks to the plan and is thrown off if someone tries to adjust it midway. Although my boys are still young, I am especially impressed with the “tips and tricks” that I can share with them as they encounter difficulties in school.” 

     – Lindsay R. Perez, Parent and BrainyAct Provider